Blue Distinction Centers For Specialty Care Program

Blue Distinction® Centers are part of a national designation program that recognizes hospitals that demonstrate expertise in delivering quality specialty care, safely and effectively. Building on this foundation of recognizing quality specialty care, the program has expanded to add another level of designation, Blue Distinction Centers+ (BDC+). To earn the BDC+ designation, hospitals must meet the same quality criteria as Blue Distinction Centers (BDC), and go an extra step to demonstrate that they do so cost efficiently.

Quality is Key: only those facilities that first meet Blue Distinction Centers' nationally established, objective quality measures will be considered for designation as a BDC+.

Blue Distinction's goal is to help consumers find both quality and value for their specialty care needs, on a consistent basis, while encouraging healthcare professionals to improve the overall quality and delivery of care nationwide.

The basics of each designation are as follows:

  • Blue Distinction Centers: Meets quality-focused criteria that emphasize patient safety and outcomes.
  • Blue Distinction Centers+: Meets the same quality-focused criteria that emphasize patient safety and outcomes, as well as cost of care measures.

The list of facilities that have been designated is below, this list will be updated periodically.

For more information...

Hannah George, Value-Based Performance Measurement Consultant
Highmark Inc.
Value-Based Reimbursement
120 Fifth Avenue Place
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

For more information on Blue Distinction Centers, please visit the Blue Distinction for Providers area of

Blue Distinction® Centers met overall quality measures for patient safety and outcomes, developed with input from the medical community. Blue Distinction® Centers+ also met cost measures that address consumers' need for affordable healthcare. Individual outcomes may vary. National criteria is displayed on A Local Blue Plan may require additional criteria for facilities located in its own service area. To find out which services and providers (including hospital based physicians) are covered under your policy, or to learn about Local Blue Plan Criteria, contact your Local Blue Plan; and contact your provider before making an appointment to verify its current Network and Blue Distinction Centers status. Each hospital's Cost Index is calculated separately, based on data from its Local Blue Plan. Hospitals in portions of CA, ID, NY, PA, and WA may lie in areas served by two Local Blue Plans, resulting in two Cost Index figures; and their own Local Blue Plans decide whether all hospitals in these areas must meet Blue Distinction Centers+ national criteria for one or both Cost Index figures. Neither Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association nor any Blue Plans are responsible for damages, losses, or non-covered charges resulting from Blue Distinction or other provider finder information or care received from Blue Distinction or other providers. To find out more, contact your Local Blue Plan.
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