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12/30/16 All Provider News, Issue 6, 2016, Now Available!
12/28/16 All Four Chemotherapy Codes To Be Added To The List Of Procedures Requiring Authorization, Effective March 1, 2017
12/08/16 All Additional HCPCS Codes Do Not Require Submission Of NDC
12/08/16 All Laboratory Management Program Changes Effective Jan. 1, 2017, and Feb. 6, 2017
11/30/16 All Changes To The Highmark Drug Formularies
11/30/16 All Effective 1/1/17, Surgical Procedure Claims With Unlisted Codes Will Require Additional Reports
11/23/16 All Highmark’s Medical Management & Policy Holiday Schedule
11/17/16 All Provider News, Issue 5, 2016, Now Available!
11/10/16 All CDC Stresses The Importance Of Appropriate Use Of Antibiotics
11/01/16 All Prior Authorization For Non-Emergent Ambulance Transport For Medicare Advantage Members, Effective Jan. 1, 2017
10/31/16 Professionals New Essential Formuary
10/20/16 All List of All Select DME Network Providers Available Online
10/13/16 Home Health Agencies Attention Home Health Agencies: Revised Home Health Authorization Process Frequently Asked Questions Now Available
10/04/16 All Reminder: Effective 10/14/2016 Clarification Of Prescription Drug Coverage For Select Convenience Kit Products
09/30/16 All Changes to Radiology Management Program Effective 10/3/16
09/19/16 All Provider News Issue 4, is Now Available!
09/13/16 All Quicklinks Function Now Available
09/08/16 All Diabetic Retinal Exam Completed in 2015 - New Report Now Available
09/07/16 Ambulance Providers Reminder: Secondary Diagnosis Codes Required For Medicare Advantage Ambulance Claims
09/01/16 All 3rd Quarter Changes To The Highmark Drug Formularies
09/01/16 All One Drug Being Removed From Highmark's Medical Injectable Drug Program
08/31/16 Home Health Agencies Home Health Authorization Process Frequently Asked Questions Updated
08/30/16 All Highmark Introduces The Select DME Network On Jan. 1, 2017
08/19/16 All Monday, Aug. 29, 2016: New Pharmacy Policy Search Tool Available
08/15/16 All Effective 10/14/2016 Clarification Of Prescription Drug Coverage For Select Convenience Kit Products
08/15/16 Professional Anesthesia Reimbursement Change Effective Oct. 15, 2016
08/09/16 All Reminder: Cover Sheets For UDC Forms Not Needed
08/08/16 Facilities Attention Home Health Agencies: Home Health Authorization Process Technical Tips You Need To Know
08/03/16 All Radiology Management Program Updates: Changes Effective 10/3/2016
08/03/16 Facilities Attention Home Health Agencies: Questions About The New Home Health Authorization Process? Get Answers On The Highmark Provider Resource Center
08/01/16 All Upcoming Lab Management Program Web Orientation Sessions Aug. 17 And 19
07/26/16 All Next UDC Program "5 IN 5" Live Q&A Series To Be Held Wednesday, July 27 At Noon
07/21/16 Professional Reimbursement Policies to Debut on Provider Resource Center on Aug. 1, 2016
07/12/16 All Medication Reconciliation Post Discharge Incentive - FAQs
07/11/16 Facilities Join Us July 18 For The New Home Health Care Authorization Request Submission Process Webinar
07/11/16 All Laboratory Management Program Resources Now Available
06/30/16 All Provider News, Issue 3, 2016, Now Available!
06/27/16 All eviCore Lab Management Program Prior Authorization Date Change
06/23/16 All Attention: PCPs Monthly Reports Now Available For the UDC Program
06/21/16 All Authorization Requirements Removed From Certain 'C' Codes
06/21/16 Professional Myriad Genetic Laboratories Will No Longer be in the Highmark Networks as of Jan. 1, 2017
06/20/16 Professional Final Fourth Quarter Payments for 2015 Unconfirmed Diagnosis Code Program Released
06/17/16 All Documentation Only Update to the 2016 Medicare Advantage Stars Clinical Measures Presentation
06/14/16 All Multiple Surgical Pricing Reductions to be applied to Routine Surgical Procedures
06/14/16 All Medication Reconciliation Post Discharge Incentive
06/09/16 All Updates to eviCore Lab Management Program
06/03/16 All Update On Long Telephone And Fax Wait Times
05/25/16 All Credentialing Process Change for Professional Providers
05/20/16 All Highmark Plans Endoscopic Services Payment Reduction for Commercial Products
05/20/16 All DMEPOS Quality Program Compliance Submission Period Approaching
05/20/16 All 2nd Qtr. 2016 Formulary Update for Highmark Providers
05/18/16 All Monthly Progress Report Available for the Unconfirmed Diagnosis Code(UDC)Program
05/11/16 All 2016 House Call Program Launches
04/29/16 All Highmark Implementing Lab Management Program July 1, 2016
04/26/16 All Authorization Request Update: Highmark Addressing Long Telephone and Fax Wait times
04/15/16 All Issue 1, 2016, of Provider News Now Available
04/04/16 Professional Highmark To Update Payment Differential On April 25, 2016
04/01/16 All New Requirements For Highmark's DMEPOS Quality Program For Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) Providers
04/01/16 All Unconfirmed Diagnosis Code (UDC) Program To Launch April 1
04/01/16 Professional Adjustments To Radiology Services Reimbursement For UCR, PBS and KHPW Effective 5/1/16
03/29/16 All 321 Codes To Be Deleted From The List Of Procedures Requiring Authorization, Effective 4/1/16
03/24/16 All Updated Locum Tenens Form Is Now Available
03/21/16 All Clarification on Compliance Concern for Annual Wellness Visit and Preventive Physical Exam during the Same Visit
03/21/16 All Reminder: Navinet Is The Preferred Method Of Obtaining Authorizations
03/18/16 All New Authorization Request Fax Sheets Available On Provider Resource Center
03/17/16 All 2016 Medicare Advantage Stars Primary Care Incentive Program Update
03/14/16 Facility Attention Home Health Agencies: Process For Submitting Home Health Care Authorization Requests Being Simplified
03/07/16 All Less HCPCS Codes Require NDC Submission
02/26/16 All Highmark's Self-Service Tools: Easy & Efficient
02/18/16 All 1st Qtr. 2016 Formulary Update for Highmark Providers
02/15/16 Professional Effective April 1, 2016, Highmark To Adjust Fees For KHPW And Premier Blue Shield ACA Individual Products (Revised 2/17/16)
02/09/16 All APC Pricing Component Calendar Revised
02/05/16 All Provider Manuals Now Include Highmark West Virginia
02/04/16 All NDC Policy Changes
02/04/16 All Seventeen Codes to be Added to List of Procedures Requiring Authorization, Effective 4/1/16
02/02/16 All Updated: New Provider Training Webinars
02/01/16 All The Latest Issue of Provider News is Now Available
01/28/16 Professional 2016 Medicare Advantage Incentive Program Teleconference Sessions
01/19/16 All Second Video Available On Managing High-Risk Medications In The Elderly
01/15/16 All New Provider Training Webinars (Updated on 2/2/16)
01/08/16 All Sixty-Seven Codes to be Deleted From List of Procedures Requiring Authorization, Effective 1/1/16
01/04/16 All Updated List Of Procedures/DME Requiring Authorization, Effective Jan. 1, 2016

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