Availity Update: The Transition to a New Provider Portal Has Begun

Availity logoA group of pilot providers — from all four states served by Highmark — began using Availity® Essentials earlier this month to conduct Highmark-related transactions. A larger pilot group will start using Availity in September. The providers who agreed to participate in the pilot programs represent a diverse cross-section of physicians and organizations, from smaller private practices to large facilities and healthcare groups.

Highmark is using a phased rollout approach — with lots of testing — to ensure a seamless transition from its existing provider portal NaviNet® to Availity Essentials, with full implementation scheduled for February 5, 2024.

Next Phase

In October, providers who currently use Availity for other payers will see Highmark as an option in the states where they are contracted. In addition, providers newly contracted with Highmark can use Availity.

Got Questions about the Transition?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page on the Provider Resource Center (PRC). Currently, there are over 20 questions and answers about the move to Availity, including several recently added FAQs. Throughout the transition, we will continue to update this FAQ page as new questions come in.


Availity will offer both live and on-demand training to providers. Training dates and information will be posted on the PRC when available. You also can receive training updates when you sign up for our eSubscribe list .

Transition Timeline

The transition to Availity will occur in stages. Here’s the scheduled timeline:

  1. August and September 2023:
  2. Highmark engages a pilot group of providers to ensure a seamless transition.

  3. October 22, 2023:
  4. Providers who currently use Availity for other payers will see Highmark as an option in the states where they are contracted.

  5. February 5, 2024:
  6. Availity will be available for all Highmark providers.

  7. March 2024:
  8. Providers will no longer have access to NaviNet or HEALTHeNET (NY).*

*More information on the retiring of existing portal will be distributed as it becomes available. If you don’t already receive emails for our provider newsletters, join our eSubscribe list today.

(Note: Highmark Wholecare and Highmark Health Options will not transition to Availity; providers should continue to use their current portals for transactions related to these plans.)

Availity is an independent company that contracts with Highmark to offer provider portal services.

NaviNet is a registered trademark of NaviNet Inc., which is an independent company that provides secure, web-based portal between providers and health insurance companies.